Dr. D. Tuurosong was on Wednesday, 11th December affirmed as the President (AG) for GNAPS. The ceremony was occasioned by a power vacuum created following the resignation of Mr. Eric Appiah who sited health reason as his inability to end his term of office.

Considering the important role that his office required and the visible gap created, there was a need for an emergency NEC meeting to address the issue. NEC members reflected on the issue and came to the conclusion that it was important to respect the wishes of the past President especially when it comes to health concerns.

NEC unanimously affirm their support to the President (AG). His role is in consonant with the dictates of the constitution of GNAPS.

Dr. Tuurosong was elected as the 1st Vice President. Before then, he served as the Upper West Regional Chairman. He is the founder and CEO of Tuupaso a Senior High School in Wa. He lectures at the University of Development Studies, Wa campus.

In his acceptance speech he thanked all the NEC members for the goodwill and support and admonishes members to discharge their various roles to the best of their ability. All members are encouraged to renew their commitment and work hard towards a United GNAPS.