In a bid to mitigate the local impact of COVID-19, the government of Ghana has announced various stimulus packages to support the economy, businesses, health workers serving as frontliners, low income earners and the vulnerable. Private schools have recently joined the ever- growing list. This is in response to concerns raised by private schools, as their main source of funds is school fees which cannot be paid while students are at home during this period.

In a letter addressed to private school operators, the leadership of the Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) iterated that private schools would be included in the Government’s COVID-19 stimulus package. To be counted as beneficiaries, schools would first have to register with the Association, get a TIN number and open a bank account. Relief monies would then be paid through these accounts and NOT any Ministry. Schools were also cautioned to beware of dubious people who would want to take advantage of their situation.
To this end, private schools are expected to register latest 30th April,2019 to be a part of this package.