About Us

GNAPS is an acronym that stands for Ghana National Association of Private Schools. It is founded on a combination of sound business and democratic principles. It’s primary goal is to promote and protect the economic and social interest of owners of private schools in the development and management of effective, quality schools at all levels of education.

It is currently the biggest umbrella body of owners of private schools at the pre-tertiary level in Ghana. The Municipal and District chapters at its level is to co-ordinate activities of Schools and to serve as information link between the Ghana Education Service, the Public and the Private Schools within the Municipalities and Districts. Ghana National Association Of Private Schools, advocates for the Private schools in Ghana, ensuring quality education to fulfill their unique missions and meet the diverse needs of students. We believe that ‘Unity is strength’ and for that matter our collective decisions can bring much development in the educational system.

This collaboration will equally bring the aforementioned Proprietors and Proprietresses together in order to achieve one common goal.

We value our reputation for offering warmth and professional, practical advice and we are always delighted to offer an expanding range of member benefits. We offer professional support and training for headteachers and staff of all member schools, as well as sport and cultural activities for our students. Other activities include an annual sports competition, Cultural festival and quiz competitions. There are also local and national events and competitions which are always organized by GNAPS at Zonal, Districts, Municipals and Metropolitan level and the Ghana Education Service. Some of the activities include sports such as athletics, cross country running, netball and soccer.

The member schools of the GNAPS fit a broad profile. These include Kindergarten, Primary, JHS and the Senior High schools. All member Schools adhere to certain requirements provided by GNAPS and GES to facilitate quality Education in Ghana. We observe a national GNAPS week which is organized annually in every February. Thinking about sending your child to private school?

There are many reasons why you should consider sending your child to private school. What is important as you begin this process is what reinvent the wheel. Most of the parents in Ghana have some concerns as it is in other countries. We all want our children to receive the very best education possible so that they are positioned for success in later life.