At a press briefing held Tuesday, April 28, 2020 by the Information Ministry, the Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) made a donation of GHS 50,000 to the COVID-19 Trust Fund.

The donation, according to the Association, was in acknowledgment and gratitude of the Government’s commendable efforts to counter the global pandemic.

The GNAPS pointed out that they were unable to do more because of the problems their membership was currently faced with as a result of the closure of schools. Had private schools been in a better position, they would have done better than the paltry amount given.

In its statement, GNAPS opened the door to the difficulties that its membership has faced since the closure of schools.
It stressed that COVID-19 had already delivered a significant blow to private schools nationwide.
The Association feared that the collapse of several schools would occur if the current condition continued for a few more months. Private school owners across the country are faced with the hurdle of unpaid staff and threats of persecution from banks, the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and the GhanaRevenue Authority (GRA) to which they are indebted.

Association’s request to government

To help ease its burden, GNAPS called on government to assist with the following;

  • Consider extending portions of interest-free loans to private schools to pay their staff and keep the institutions afloat until the school is resumed. These loans would have been repaid over a period of time when schools were reopened.
  • The Association would also welcome the Government’s intervention in persuading SSNIT, (GRA) and the banks to which private schools are indebted to postpone the repayment of these statutory obligations and debts until the school resumes.